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Humor with funny pictures like this one.

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About Uncle Thorstein

Name: Uncle Thorstein
Occupation: Comedian.
Earn: Money.
Live: At home.
Family: My computer, TV and video.
And my inner demons.
Best friend: Marcus H.
Celebrity I know: Bill Gates
Web site: The one you visit now,
Favourite motto: Way do it the easy way
when you can do it the
hard way.
Eye colour: Bloodshot.
Hairstyle: Located on the head and
contains of a lot of hair.
Body: Looks like a humans.
Eat: Food.
Drink: Liquid.
Best ability: I'm best at everything!
And I never brag.
Best thing you
have ever done:
I shot the terrorist
asshole Usama bin Laden!
Latest criminal activity:  I'm wanted for illegal joking.
I'm also one of FBI:s 10 most
. Just look at my FBI

Uncle Thorstein lacks drawing talent (just as everything else) so this pic makes him look better than he really is.
A young Uncle Thorsteins bad attempt to draw a picture off himself.

Uncle Thorstein is a writer and a comedian. He writes words that become sentences. He thinks that feels nice.

When Uncle Thorstein has failed, which he does very often, he transforms into Terrible Thorstein. That makes him more dangerous than usual.

This is Uncle Thorsteins mental status

Concerning Uncle Thorstein one thing is certain - nothing is certain. Not even Marcus can stand him...

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