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Humor with funny pictures like this one

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If animals ruled the world

Since Uncle Thorstein is a big stupid animal he knows what damage he would make if he ruled the world. Look for yourself in this guide.

If animals could use weapons they would, and take over the world:

Then animals would not have to work like this:

Instead they would be lazy in front of the TV:

The animals would start to use cell phones:

And the animals would start to learn mean things from books:

Mice and men...

And animals would start to watch porn on the internet:

The animals would even start to save money on the cost of humans:

And then they could afford to take rides in luxurious cars:

Turkeys would fill and eat humans on thanksgiving:

The animals would even show the humans the finger:

The cars also be driven by drunken cats:

And then the animals would show their finger again and again, just like Uncle Thorstein does everytime he drivs a car, or a bike, or takes a walk, or sleep, and so on...

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