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Humor with funny pictures like this one.

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The Travel Guide

Welcome to Uncle Thorsteins travel guide. Takes you around the world in a fun way...

Only in Japan...

...can it be more humans than water in a pool.

Only in Australia...

...can these distances be relatively short.

Only in France...

...are people so illogical that signs like these exists.

Only in Spain... it entertainment that an animal and a human are torturing the shit out of each other.

Only in Africa... it common knowledge that urine can be disinfecting and therefore not just cheap but also appropriate to wash oneself with.

Only in Hawaii...

...people understand how convenient it is to eat sitting in the ocean, because there you don't have sweaty feet and your farts can not be heard so easily. And if you have neglected and not used enough of toilet paper the sea water makes you clean. And when it comes to taking a leak you don't even have to stand up and leave the table.

Only in India...

...there are so many cows that people are forced to feed rats just to get rid of all milk.

Only in Mexico...

...they know how to protect their little servant. Too bad it gets embarrassing when the wind takes the hat.

Only in Texas...

...people know that cattle produces just as much toxic gas as cars and are therefore supposed to be washed the same way.

Only in Thailand...

...people are brave enough to let weak sissy snakes be alone with strong dangerous children.

Only in USA...

...people are so fat they can't walk up the stair to the gym.

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