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Humor with funny pictures like this one.

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"Made of reused keyboard pressuring since 1997"


This humor site is cooked on the following recipe from Uncle Thorsteins greasy cookbook.

  • Many liters of hatred
  • A big portion of the humor you prefer
  • A pile of resistance
  • 2 buckets of desperation and madness
  • A cup of fighting spirit
  • 3 big parts of predetermined opinions
  • Much evilness
  • A bag full of will being a bad little brat
  • A whole lot of willing to entertain
  • As many shown (long)fingers you can find
  • 2 gallons of self distance and irony
  • 3 spoons of wish to change society
  • Just a few stolen things

Mix everything as(s) structured and (un?)wise as(s) you can. Make sure that the humor is spread out completely, both there it should be and there it shouldn’t. Spice with the will to entertain and use the few stolen things where necessary. Cook it in the middle of the internet preferably on your own domain until you have become a world emperor for life.

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